The new standard for battery cell quality


crino provides solutions for non-destructive battery analysis. Combining our innovative hardware with artificial intelligence and in-depth battery knowledge we assess the quality, performance and behavior of battery cells. Our analysis leads to a deep understanding of the battery cell. Our customers are able to reduce the risk of unsafe battery cells, reduce their time to market and avoid costly product recalls.


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Heat flow measurements will provide insights during battery cell development. For example, a direct measurement of the heat flow due to parasitic reactions can help to identify material combinations, which are most effective.

Cell production

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Our technology allows cell manufacturers to reduce production time and costs drastically. A thermal self-discharge test, which can provide accurate results in less than 24 hours, can replace aging and voltage-based self-discharge tests, which usually take several days.

Incoming goods inspection

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Today, incoming goods inspection is limited to voltage and impedance tests, which do not provide a comprehensive quality assessment. Our technology allows a direct measurement of the self-discharge rate and an accurate estimation of the future cell performance.


Self discharge testing for large format Lithium Ion Cells

Standalone Devices

High accuracy thermal self discharge testers for large format lithium ion cells. Scalable number of independent measurement channels (up to 30 parallel channels).

Inline Testing

We are developing a large scale inline testing system that uses our patent pending thermal sensor. This allows to precisely measure the quality of each cell in a fraction of the time of todays tests.


Scalable Testing Hardware

  • Customizable for specific cell geometry
  • High measurement accuracy (e.g. PHEV2 <100 uW)
  • Measurement settling time <24 h
  • Isothermal operation range: 25 °C -55 °C
  • No requirements for the environment
  • Scalable number of independent measurement channels

Integrated test management and analysis software

  • Web-based data acquisition software
  • Full remote control
  • Database for measurement data und devices under test
  • Automatic data interpretation
  • Data export via cvs.

Currently under development

  •  Self-discharge tests in <24 h

Our technology

Calorimetry for large format
Lithium Ion Batteries

Our technology allows to apply advanced calorimetry to large format Lithium Ion battery cells. Using our sensors (patent pending) allows to measure the heat generated by battery cells with an accuracy of 100µW while being highly cost-efficient and scalable. We use AI based algorithms to interpret the measured data and grade the quality and performance of the battery cells.

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