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Our mission


At crino we are devoting out talent and technology to be the trusted performance leader that provides customers unique solutions for optimizing their battery production processes. We have developed a novel measurement system that allows very precise grading of the self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries in less than 24hrs. This system allows both, a pure test for the operational reliability of the cell and a sorting and grading based on different quality classes. This ensures that similar and high-performance cells become higher-performance battery packs. This leads to a prevalence of sustainable energy solutions.

Our story


Technology ready for commercial use

This year crino is starting first commercial applications of the technology and offering stand-alone devices to selected customers.


From laboratory to product

In 2020 the technological development was the main focus of crino . Based on the underlying invention multiple prototypes have been designed and built to achieve an MVP. In Q4 the technology was tested in a leading German Lithium Ion research factory and proved very promising.


crino GmbH founded and start of Exist Transfer of Technology

In 2019 crino was granted the EXIST Transfer of Technology program. Therefore, we could start to work full-time on the project. In 2019 the crino GmbH was founded.

Our team

As a multidisciplinary team, we offer innovative testing systems for lithium-ion battery cells for battery producers, OEMs, and research laboratories. We are passionate about what we do and aim at creating added value for our customers.

Sustainability and Code of conduct

crino considers collaboration with the supply chain an integral part of its success and, therefore, strives to operate as an integrated team with suppliers. The selection of suppliers is based not only on the quality and competitiveness of their products and services, but also their adherence to social, ethical and environmental principles, which is a pre-requisite to becoming a crino supplier and developing a lasting business relationship.

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